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Since it's creation in 2011, EWFilm has been committed to only the highest standard in entertainment production focusing on unique perspectives with THE RUNNER OF PAMPLONA and NEVERLAND. 

Bring the magic to your film with Erik's visionary storytelling of creating worlds that are both beautifully awe inspiring and strongly character driven, where every frame is a piece of art that contains many different layers to experience and be discovered.

Get Erik's years of vast experience in every aspect of filmmaking from screenwriting, to directing, casting, acting, trailers, poster design, marketing, and even sound design, the soundtrack, lighting, editing, and color correction. 

Bring Erik's passion, drive, and devotion to your project from beginning to end.  



From original screenplays, to helpful ideas, screenwriting methods, and assistance with additional drafts, Erik can help make that script a solid blueprint for the film of your dreams.

Having trouble with where to start your dream film? 

Run into a seemingly impossible obstacle during production?

You don't have to be alone while working on your film. Erik has faced the same problems and knows the way to fix it, whether it be creative or logistic, Erik is here to get you back on track in creating your masterpiece! 

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